State of Play for End-of-Life Recycling for Off-Grid Solar E-Waste (Webinar)

12 December 2017

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PresentationIntroduction to the webinar and panelists

Presentation—Declan Murray: Solar Waste?

Presentation—Federico Magalini: Baseline e-Waste Status in EAC, Ghana and India and Implications for Off-grid Industry

Presentation—Athina Kyriakopoulou: A Practical Perspective to e-Waste Recycling in East Africa

Presentation—Prajna Khanna: Solar e‐Waste Management

TranscriptWebinar audio transcript

The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with United Nations Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioner Network, hosted this webinar to highlight the current state of the sector for end-of-life strategies and recycling for electronic waste from off-grid products, in particular solar photovoltaics (PV). Webinar panelists presented past and ongoing research, and they explored the efforts and challenges around safe recycling of end of life off grid solar PV products. The panelists also presented their experiences and work on an under-served issue, while the demand for off-grid solar continues to expand. A moderated discussion delved deeper into the barriers and opportunities surrounding policy, financing, innovation and knowledge of end of life e-waste recycling in the off-grid sector.

The hashtag #PNwebinar was used on social media during the webinar.

Luc Severi, Manager, Energy Access, United Nations Foundation, introduced the topic and provided context to the broader webinar series.

Declan Murray, University of Edinburgh, provided an overview and analysis of his research on repair in Kenya’s solar PV sector.

Federico Magalini, Managing Director, SOFIES-UK, presented past and ongoing research on the topic of electronic waste impacts and mitigation options in the off-grid renewable energy sector, based on research in Kenya and Nigeria among other countries.

Athina Kyriakopoulou, Founder and CEO, Phenix Recycling, provided an overview of Phenix Recycling, offering collection, dismantling, and recycling services for e-waste in Tanzania.

Prajna Khanna, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Philips Lighting, presented Philips’ experiences delivering products to the Base of the Pyramid.

Presentations were followed by a moderated discussion, guided by Luc Severi, United Nations Foundation.